A good friends Corvette Roadster…pictures say it all

BroadInterior DashLogoRight FrontEndAArms FrontHoodLogo FrontLeftQuarter FrontView FuelInjectionLogo HoodUnderneath MotorOne OilDipStick OutdoorShifterClock PanHeaders PinStripeCloseUp RearLeftQuarter RearRightQuarterView RearShot RearTailLights RightFrontQuarterView RightSideTopDown SeatConvertibleLid SideViewBest SteeringKnuckle threequarterVette Trunk Logo VetteFrontQuarter


About miningtheword

I'm an artist, hack-writer, musician, bicyclist, runner, father, and husband, living the life in Montana. Always enjoying the Big Sky and hopefully making someone smile, think, laugh, ponder, curse and enjoy the days we've been given on earth. Why? Because nobody gets out alive.
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