Car ads that make me smile.

The ad starts with a beautiful ocean-beach scene of  spraying surf, blue skies, and warm sun-baked sand.  A low flying flock of seagulls skim the horizon.  Suddenly it appears.  A front-portrait view of an exotic car.   It goes to slow motion, 50% 0f normal video speed, the skidding Mercedes Benz enters the far right section of my flat screen.

All four wheels are spinning furiously with its controlled slide as the tires spew sand, water, seagulls, snails, and bonefish.

The reflective sun shimmer’s off the chrome, glass, and baked enamel with its ever recognizable Mercedes logo.  Or wait,  what?  Is that a quasi peace sign?    Is the Benz logo a precursor to the 60’s sign for peace?  You know the songs and phrases:  All I am saying is give PEACE a chance? Make love not war? The Woodstock Dove…all that and Jimi Hendrix playing the Star Spangled Banner? The first era of pacifism stuff?

Sure.  Why wouldn’t a German-bred automobile logo designer want a little peace.  He’s tired of his town, home and car factory being blown up by the Allies.  If the Volkswagen was the little people’s car, Hitler’s sign of rollin’ socialism, why not make a statement with a peace sign the adorns every social elitist’s car…the Benz?  Millions of peace signs in your review mirror.  You decide!

MercedesPeaceWell anyway, back to the TV ad.  After the car is skidding across my living room box,  the following type is displayed in small print across the bottom of the ad:

Professional driver on a closed beach.  Do not attempt. 

What!!  Your asking me to lease this luxury autocar and I can’t skid sideways along the beach-front while spraying innocent sun-bathers with sand, salt water, and dead fish matter?

For a stout $700 per month lease I want my ocean-of-fun as an amateur driver, on a public beach with multiple attempts at replicating what you (Chrysler-Benz/Ad agency) have shown me what ownership is all about: Driving like a teenager that stole mom’s car while she’s vacationing on the Rhine River!

Disclaim this:  Give peace a chance and meanwhile let me Tokyo-drift my “Benz” across Nag’s Head Beach in North Carolina.   If the Wright brother’s can fly, so can I.




About MontanaBlueSky

I'm a commercial artist, artist, musician, bicyclist, father, husband, and more importantly, a Christ follower. Currently living in Montana after transplanting from Minnesota.
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