Russian Eats Dirt Diet

A woman in Russia has flaunted eating stoganoff in lieu of dining on dirt.

In the Siberian countryside, the kids sit down to a tasty meal of (what do they eat in outer Mongolia: Yak?  Frozen Tundra? All with a large wooden spoon)  while mom’s outside with a pointed shovel for a spoon,  garden rake for a fork, and a garbage can lid for a galvanized plate.

She’s shoveling down the dirt, mined from underneath a network of tree roots in the backyard.  A stray earth worm is just a bonus.  Bon Appetit.

The Fall season has her canning dirt for the long, cold northern winters. She keeps it in the pantry next to the 100 lb bag of potatoes.

Hope that dirt is well seasoned beyond the four seasons.

I see a chain of restaurants coming:  McDirts, Dominoes Dirt Delivers; Famous Dave’s Dirt; Hot Wings and Gravel;  Top Soil and Taters.  Enough already.

All that dirt is washed down with a ½ Liter of room temperature vodka.  As repulsive as this true story sounds we inadvertently eat a pound of dirt per year.  (Google: Russian woman eating dirt)

 Leviticus 17.

Even more repulsive than dirt divin’ is the thought of eating the blood of a live animal.  In Leviticus YAHWEH instructs Moses to further instruct the Israelites table manners don’t include eating that which still has its life blood in it.

(Lev. 17:10)

Blood is the source of life, and shed-blood is also the source of life.  It has the essence of sanctity because God created it.   It is the symbol of living.  Without it, mosquito’s must eat dirt.  It is His gracious gift.  Blood has been set aside for imputing atonement not for partaking randomly apart from the altar.

Lev. 17:14 “because the life of every creature is its blood;”

Maybe that’s a precursor, to the modern vampire thing rooted in disobedience.  Today’s culture seems to embrace this Twilight phenom which runs counter to God’s command.  And it takes evil practices beyond the animal to the human.  Twilight Breaking Dawn is really breaking God’s laws.

The life of every believer is the blood.  It is the means of atonement, pointing directly to Christ the redeemer.  In God’s system, one blood is taken in place of another.

Hebrews 9:14 says, “How much more than, will the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself unblemished to God, cleanse our consciences from acts that lead to death, so that we may serve the living God!”  Amen.

We must never rob the sanctity of living blood that gives life to dead men.   We all put our hands on the head of Christ and shed His blood on the altar.   The good news is He was reconstituted from death into the eternal savior.  He is alive and seated at the right hand of the living God.  Amen.


About MontanaBlueSky

I'm a commercial artist, artist, musician, bicyclist, father, husband, and more importantly, a Christ follower. Currently living in Montana after transplanting from Minnesota.
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